Duplicate or Unwanted Entities Show in Filtering Dropdowns on Trib Search Page

Issue:  Trib search page may show unwanted or duplicate dropdown menus when a product has been mapped to an entity (category, department, or manufacturer) that has been deleted.

Applies To:  All versions of Vibe Trib

If a product has been mapped to an entity which was later marked as deleted through the admin site, a dropdown item may still appear for that mapping when using the Vibe Trib Search feature.

Resolution:  To resolve the issue, it is recommended to purge deleted records from your AspDotNetStorefront database.  This will clear the product mapping and remove the unwanted dropdown menu.

To purge deleted records:

  1. Log into your AspDotNetStorefront Admin site
  2. Go to Configuration -> Maintenance -> Monthly Maintenance
  3. Select your monthly maintenance options, making sure that the Purge all records marked as deleted option is checked
  4. Click Go to run monthly maintenance.  You will be logged out of the admin site when the process is complete
For more information on how to run monthly maintenance or help determining what settings to select, consult the AspDotNetStorefront product manual here:  http://manual.aspdotnetstorefront.com/p-421-monthly-maintenance.aspx

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