VibeCMS: Calendar Management

Applies To: VibeCMS Calendar Control

Start Here:
After logging into your CMS, immediately select the Calendars widget. This is the primary Calendar display. This is where you’re calendars are listed by title as well as where you will edit, add, or remove events for your calendar. To create a new Calendar, simply click the “New Calendar” button. Upon doing so, you will be prompted to fill out the name of your calendar, as well as the description. You can then choose to save this new calendar or cancel all actions. Back on the main Calendar display screen, click on the calendar you wish to edit. This is where you will edit, add, or remove events.

To add an event:
First, navigate to the corresponding date your event will take place, you can do this by using the toggle arrows in the upper left corner which is defaulted to the current date (todays date). Once you've located the correct date for your event, you will then need to choose a time frame to host your event. Double click in the time slot corresponding to your event by locating the time values on the left side of the screen; when doing so, an Event Details popup will open. This window allows you to control all of the essential information about your events.

  • General Tab: Enter your Event Title, the Start and End Times, and the Description. The Description is not seen on your site, this is merely for you and other users who use the CMS. You may also select “All Day” for your event time which allows the event to display for the entire duration for your chosen start to end dates.
  • Content Tab: This is a text editor, formatted in basic styling or HTML, which allows you to write a detailed explanation of what the event is about. This information will be seen on the calendar. Any information you want your website visitors to be able to see about this event should go in this area.
  • Advanced Tab: This tab allows you to incorporate a URL to your event. Perhaps you’d like to include a YouTube video or you’re Facebook page on the event. The Category drop down allows you to select the type of category your event falls under. These Categories are color coded and will are explained in further detail below.

To Edit an Event:
To edit any event, you can follow the guidelines above for adding an event. This will include the same basic process of navigating to the appropriate input fields and options to alter your event accordingly. After making revisions, remember to save all of your work.

To Delete an Event:
Simply navigate to your event according to the date the event was set. You can do this by following the navigation instructions under “To add an event.” Once you have located the event, hover over the event. An X should appear in the top right corner of the event, click this X, and the event is permanently deleted.

To Edit your Calendar Category Titles and Color Indicators:
If you wish to edit the names of the Categories of your events, simply go the first display screen with all of your widgets immediately after logging in. Choose Documents, on the left sidebar click the plus box next to Documents to expand this folder, do this again when you see the Lists folder. Here you should find a document titled “Event List,” double click that document to open it.

Navigate to the Items Tab which allows you to alter the name and color of your events. In the field area on the left of the Event List document menu, you will see the current Category Titles. Next to these titles, in brackets [Example], is the color corresponding to that event. To change the Category Title, simply delete and rename the current Category Title. To edit the color, you can use shortcode names such as red, blue, green, aqua, black, etc. You may also use hexadecimal values: [#FFFFFF] will yield a white event color key, and [#000000] will yield a black event color key. After making revisions, remember to save all of your work.

Once a category has been created and a color has been assigned, the color can not be changed. If you wish to change the color of an event, you must delete the old category and create a new category with the appropriate color. Open your "Events List" document, delete the corresponding category, and save the document. Go back into the "Events List" document, and back to the "Items" tab where you just deleted the old category. Add the new category and assign it with the appropriate color of your choosing. This can either be in shortcode or hexadecimal form. Again, at no point can the color of the categories be changed; a new category will need to be created every time.

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