Creating Dependent Attributes for Vibe APS

How to: Create Dependent Attributes for Vibe APS

Applies to:
All versions of Vibe APS
Applies to: All supported versions of AspDotNetStorefront

One of the most requested questions we get on the Attribute Product Selector is how to make one attribute dependent on another.

Initially, you will want to be sure you have created all your attributes and have them mapped to the products which are using APS.  You find the Mappings for a product by entering the admin area for ASPDNSF, going to Manage Products, and selecting to edit the product for which you want to map attributes.  Once you have clicked to edit the product, you will see a tab called "Mappings".  In this tab is a selection area for mapping a product to ASPDNSF's various entities.  You should see a list of any attributes you have created under the entity you selected when you installed APS.  You just click the checkboxes at this point and save your changes to map these attributes to your product.  Your product must also be set to use the product.vibe.aps.xml.config package for product display.

Now you are ready to set dependent attributes.  This is accomplished by using the Display Order setting of the parent entity that holds your attributes.  For example, if you have your attributes mapped to the Departments / Section entity, and have a department called "Width" with different widths as sub-departments, you would open the parent entity "Width" and set the Display Order field with numbers of the attributes you want to show first.  This is in ascending order, so 1 has a higher priority over 2, and so forth.

We usually recommend allowing some spaces in-between the numbers, so that you can add additional departments in the future without resetting all your numbers, such as 100, 110, 120, etc.

By default, all departments are made with the same display order, which is fine.  This means that your attributes are not dependent on one another, and each attribute will function independently, giving you some options to suit your particular APS needs.

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