VibeCMS: Skinning for Design View 9.4

Applies To: VibeCMS and version 9.4 of ASPDNSF

The VibeCMS Design View is a useful tool for editing content in the context of your page, and also is the view from which you can drag and drop the built-in and any custom controls you have created for the CMS and registered with the Designer.  Due to the nature of this page, many of your dynamic controls will be disabled, with a focus only on layout.

How this translates into ASPDNSF is up to you.  The VibeCMS will use the layout from empty2.master, since it is simple and usually won't conflict with the function of the CMS.  If you want to see your layout in Design View, simply copy your elements into the empty2.master from template.master.  You will have to do a little testing to see which items need to be removed from Design View so that there are no conflicts.  Custom elements may also need to be considered at this step.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR 9.4: The topic control is now used in the template.master, so if you want to copy topics from your master template into empty2.master, you will need to revert to the old style of calling topics using the Tokens:TopicLink or Tokens:Topic tags.

Tokens contained within topics will not be parsed in CMS design view, as it's a static view similar to design view in a development IDE, such as Visual Studio and is not designed for dynamic interaction.

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