VibeCMS: Using the Blog View Control

Applies to: All versions VibeCMS 4+

The BlogView control is one of the drag and drop controls that shows up in the right column during Design View of your CMS enabled pages.  It is called the BlogView control because it applies a blog user interface to a forum the you create in the CMS.

To add a blog to your website using the BlogView control:
  1. Log in to your CMS administration interface.  
  2. First step will be to create the list of categories for your blog
  3. Click on the "All Documents" box
  4. Though you can save your List anywhere in your CMS, we recommend at least a folder called Lists to help organize your document types.  If you need to create a folder for your list, right-click on the documents tree and select "Create Folder".
  5. Under the New drop down, select List
  6. In the List Wizard, give your list a useful name, such as "BlogCategories", and click "Create".
    1. Click on the Items tab, and select the radio button for "Custom Items"
    2. Enter on one line each category for your blog
    3. SPECIAL NOTE: a list can be bound to other data sources, such as CMS searches or Query searches from your databases.  More information on this feature can be found in the VibeCMS user manual.
  7. Once you have saved your List, click on the "Home" link in the top right corner to return to the main menu.
  8. Click on the "Forums" box to access the Forum administration area.
  9. You can use an existing forum, or create a new one.  
  10. Once you are in you Forum, click on Forum Details, and select the "Advanced" settings.
  11. In this view you will see the drop-down selectors for up to three Category assignments per blog entry.  You can choose to assign only one, you can assign the same list to all three so that your article can belong to multiple categories, or you can create more then one list for these bindings.  The most common use is a single list bound to all three categories.
Now that you have your forum created, we recommend creating a simple article or two prior to adding the BlogView to your site, so that you can more easily review whether it is working properly.

Return to your website and navigate to the page on which you wish to place your Blog.  This can be any page on the site that is an ASPX page, usually built from a Master page, that has a CMS content placeholder in its template and Design View enabled.  More information on the creation of CMS documents and templates, as well as Design View, can be found in the VibeCMS User Manual.

Enter Design View using the Ctrl Alt + D shortcut keys.  Now you will add your Blog.
  1. Click and drag your BlogView control from the right column onto the placeholder in which you want your Blog to appear
  2. Hover over your control, right-click and select "Edit" to configure your blog
  3. From the drop-down, select the name of the Forum that you created to link to your blog.
  4. For the rest of the options, it is generally safe to use the defaults; however, you should consider whether you want users to be able to post comments, and whether to show and hide features in the blog.
Once you are done with your options, click OK, and Publish your page.  You're done!

Navigate to your page and check out your articles.

Useful tips:
  • For ASPDNSF users, the page for your blog will need to be a new page on your site, published with your ASPDNSF template.
  • The categories you selected for your lists will act as filters allowing users to find articles of interest more quickly as your content grows.  For this reason, it may be useful to categorize articles into more then one when appropriate.
  • If you publish a forum post with a date in the future, it will not show up on the blog until the date of publish.  This can be quite useful if you wish to publish several articles at once, but have them show up at different times on your site.

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