Full Text Search Term Fails to Return Relevant Products

Issue: Trib search may fail to return relevant products when using full text searching and searching against the product name, SKU, and description fields.  For example, searching for "Red Wagon" returns no results even though there is a valid, published product named "Red Wagon."

Applies To:  All versions of Vibe Trib for AspDotNetStorefront

Cause:  This problem is not caused by Trib.  It is due to the Microsoft SQL Server Full Text Catalog used by Trib not populating properly due to configuration errors.

Resolution:  First, rule out other potential causes such as lack of inventory, mapping issues, customer level mappings, store mappings, published and deleted flags, and lack of a default variant with adequate stock.  To verify that it is a problem with the full text catalog, try using the following query to search for a term that is returning erroneous results:

select * from product where contains(name, '"*searchterm*"')
If the missing product is returned, then the problem is due to some other configuration error.  If the missing product is NOT returned by the above query, then the issue is likely due to the full text catalog.

We recommend checking your SQL Server log files and application event log for errors reported by Microsoft SQL Server or the Microsoft Search service.  There are a variety of issues that could prevent the full text catalog from not populating.  For some potential causes, see the following Microsoft knowledgebase article:


If your problem differs for the issue specified in the Microsoft knowledgebase, a support incident with Microsoft may need to be opened.

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