How To: Get vsearch.aspx to use default template

How To:  Set the vseach.aspx to use the master page of your choosing

Applies To:  All versions of Vibe Trib

By default Vibe Trib Search uses the website's default master page (e.g. App_Templates/Skin_1/template.master).  If you would like for the search results page to use another master page file, follow these steps:

1. Log into your site's admin panel and navigate to Configuration > Advanced > AppConfig Parameters
2. Select "Add AppConfig" and
create a new AppConfig called "TemplateVSearch.aspx"
3. Assign the config value to the name of the master page you wish to use (e.g. myCustomTemplate.master)
4. In the upper right corner of your admin site press the "Reset Cache" button

Now, go back to the front of your site and do a search.  The results page of your search will now be using the new master page that you assigned to it.

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