How To: Change default template used by the search results

Applies To:  All versions of Vibe Trib


Vibe Trib, by default, will use the template.master for the search results page for the vsearch.aspx file.  This is the landing page that users will see when they use the search feature on your website.

For example, if you have created a custom master page called myCustomTemplate.master and you would like to force the vsearch.aspx page to use it, just following these steps:

1.    In your admin panel go to Configuration > Advanced > AppConfig Parameters
2.    Create a new AppConfig and call it “TemplateVSearch.aspx” and assign it the value of your file, in this case: “myCustomTemplate.master”
3.    Click the “Reset Cache” button in the upper right corner of your admin panel

Now, when you or a user of your site performs a search using the Vibe Trib search feature you have installed on your site the search results will display using the myCustomTemplate.master  as the page template.

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