Invalid Request or Unhandled Exception in the Shopping Cart When Using a Promotion That Excludes Sale Priced Items

Issue: A promotion that excludes sale-priced items may cause an unhandled exception or invalid request when going to the shopping cart page.

Applies To: Vibe Promo for AspDotNetStorefront versions 8.x, 9.0.x, 9.1.x, and  Versions after are not affected.

Cause: This is caused by a nested datareader within the the Vibe Promo engine which is only called when a promotion excludes sale priced items.

Resolution:  A patch is available from ALP/Vibe Commerce support for version  Please submit a support ticket and include your Vibe Promo order number or the email addressed used to make the purchase and request the patch.

If you are using a version of Vibe Promo with AspDotNetStorefront versions prior to, please contact support with your exact version of AspDotNetStorefront (located on the left-hand side of the admin splash screen) so we can discuss support options.

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