Issue: Vibe Trib - Narrow Your Results filter not displaying attributes

Issue: Upon installing Vibe Trib with AspDotNetStorefront version 9.3, the "Narrow Your Results" attribute filter appears empty, or without a list of attributes.

Applies to: AspDotNetStorefront version 9.3

Solution: To correct this one must create a store specific version for each of the vibe.Trib.* AppConfigs in Admin.

Under Configuration -> Advanced -> AppConfig Parameters, search for vibe.trib. Click on each of the AppConfigs, change one of the values, save it, and it will create a duplicate of itself. Open the newly created duplicate and change the updated value back to the original value and save.

After doing this for each of the Vibe.Trib AppConfigs, reset the cache and return to the website. Navigate to a product page to verify that the filters are now displaying correctly.

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